North Korea Blames US for Stalled Denuclearization Talks

North Korea said Monday that tensions remain high with the United States and little has been achieved diplomatically, a year after the historic summit between the adversaries.

“Relations between the DPRK and the U.S. have made little progress so far and the situation of the Korean Peninsula has not come out of the vicious cycle of increased tension,” North Korean U.N. Ambassador Kim Song told the final day of the U.N. General Assembly annual debate.

“We expressed our willingness to sit with the U.S. for [a] comprehensive discussion of the issues we have deliberated so far,” Kim said of resuming bilateral talks.

Kim blamed American “political and military provocations” for the stalled talks and urged Washington to find a new approach.

Despite what U.S. President Donald Trump says is a positive personal relationship with North Korean leader Kim Jung Un, his administration has maintained a policy of “maximum pressure” on North Korea, supporting tough international economic sanctions until Pyongyang makes progress toward complete, verifiable and irreversible denuclearization.

Talks between the U.S. and North Korea broke down after a second summit in February between Kim and Trump ended without a deal. Kim demanded a relaxation of sanctions in exchange for partial steps to dismantle his nuclear program. Trump wanted a more far-reaching deal.

North Korea has conducted 10 rounds of short-range missile tests since early May. Trump has shrugged off the tests, saying he has no problem with short-range launches. Many within range of the short-range missiles do not share that assessment.

During his speech last week to the U.N. General Assembly, President Trump only briefly touched on North Korea, saying it is a country “full of tremendous untapped potential, but that to realize that promise, North Korea must denuclearize.”

His former national security advisor, John Bolton, said Monday that North Korea “has not made a strategic decision to give up its nuclear weapons,” and that “the strategic decision Kim Jong Un is operating through is that he will do whatever he can to keep a deliverable nuclear weapons capability and to develop and enhance it further.”

Bolton, who was fired by Trump earlier in September due to policy differences, was speaking to an audience at the Washington-based Center for Strategic and International Studies.

On Monday, North Korea’s envoy put the weight of diplomacy on the United States.

“It depends on the U.S., whether the DPRK-U.S. negotiation will become a window of opportunity or an occasion that will hasten the crisis,” the envoy said, using the acronym for the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, the country’s official name.

He also criticized South Korea for what he said was “double-dealing behavior,” shaking hands in public but behind the scenes introducing new sophisticated weapons and holding joint military exercises with the United States.

The envoy said intra-Korean relations would only improve when Seoul ends its “big power worship” and policy of dependence on foreign forces.

The United States has maintained some 28,000 troops in South Korea since the end of the Korean War.


У поліції почали розслідування через стрілянину з участю п’яного патрульного у Полтаві

У поліції повідомили про призначення службового розслідування за фактом стрілянини з кількома постраждалими 29 вересня ввечері у Полтаві двох чоловіків у стані алкогольного сп’яніння, одним із яких виявився працівник батальйону патрульної служби особливого призначення «Полтава».

«29 вересня між 21-ю та 22-ю годиною у Полтаві двоє чоловіків, перебуваючи в стані алкогольного сп’яніння, завдали тілесні ушкодження кільком громадянам. Подія сталася у Подільському районі біля одного із житлових будинків на вулиці Небесної Сотні… У ході роботи слідчо-оперативної групи встановлено, що одним із фігурантів конфлікту є працівник батальйону патрульної служби особливого призначення «Полтава». У зв’язку з цим, матеріали досудового розслідування скеровуються до теруправління ДБР», – повідомив керівник поліції Полтавщини Андрій Замахін.

Він зазначив, що після завершення службового розслідування буде ухвалене рішення про доцільність перебування причетної до інциденту особи в органах поліції.

Координатор освітньої програми розвитку для випускників «Українська академія лідерства» Роман Тичківський на сторінці у Facebook повідомив, що серед потерпілих в цьому інциденті є двоє неповнолітніх учасників програми. Тичківський від імені академії закликав правоохоронні органи «захистити потерпілих від ймовірного тиску зі сторони нападників та провести справедливе розслідування».

У поліції Полтавської області повідомили, що відкрили справу за статтями про умисне легке і умисне тяжке ушкодження.

Women Politicians Battle Double Standards…and their Opponents

Thelda Williams was already in her 40s when she was first elected to the city council in Phoenix, Arizona, but that didn’t stop people from assuming she wasn’t up to the task. The Arizona Republican believes people underestimated her because she is a woman. 

“Staff, in the very, very beginning, really treated me like, ‘Well, you probably don’t understand. This is probably too overwhelming. There are too many subjects,’” she recalls. “And, you know, you prove them wrong.”

Decades later, Williams remains on the city council, having served as interim mayor three times, most recently during a stint that ended in March. One of the arenas in which Williams still believes she isn’t treated equally is when it comes to how the media cover her.

“You know, I just don’t get the same respect. I mean, they talk about everything from what shoes I wear, to what color my hair is, to what my age is,” she says. “You don’t see that with the men. … What really irritates me is when it’s a woman who’s written the article.”

In this photo taken Tuesday, Feb. 21, 2017, Erin Schrode poses at her home in Mill Valley, California.

Activist Erin Schrode, who ultimately lost her 2016 congressional bid in her California district, faced an onslaught of misogynistic attacks and physical threats from nontraditional media. The online campaign against her was orchestrated by a popular neo-Nazi website.

“Insinuating that I had, or would, perform sexual acts to advance my standing in the political world,” she says, recalling the online attacks against her. “That I wouldn’t have my job if I weren’t pretty. And on the flip side, that I was too hideous to even merit a vote.”

Despite the harassment she endured, Schrode agrees with Williams that more women are needed in public office and hasn’t ruled out a future run for herself.     

“We need that perspective, that judgment, that level headedness, that experience the same way that we need all voices represented in Congress,” she says.

“Women are communicators. Women are fighters. Women are mothers. Women are forces to be reckoned with. And our place is wherever we want it to be, and that most certainly includes the halls of Congress.”

Фігуранта справи про вбивство Бузини обрали членом Ради громадського контролю НАБУ

Фігуранта справи про вбивство журналіста Олеся Бузини Андрія Медведька обрали членом Ради громадського контролю Національного антикорупційного бюро України. Відповідні результати рейтингового інтернет-голосування, яке відбулося 23 вересня, оприлюднила пресслужба НАБУ.

Медведько представляє громадську організацію «Спілка ветеранів війни з Росією». Він отримав 3 902 голоси.

Іншим членом Ради громадського контролю НАБУ став Іван Ясинський (4 854 голоси).

Бузину вбили 16 квітня 2015 року в Києві у дворі багатоквартирного будинку, в якому він жив. 18 червня 2015 року за підозрою у вбивстві затримали Андрія Медведька й Дениса Поліщука. Їх арештували. У грудні 2015 року Печерський райсуд Києва змінив запобіжний захід для них на домашній арешт.

Обидва не визнають своєї провини. Адвокати Медведька й Поліщука заявляли про фальсифікацію ДНК-експертизи в цій справі і про алібі обвинувачених.

Їм загрожує від 10 до 15 років позбавлення волі або довічне ув’язнення за обвинуваченням в умисному вбивстві й незаконному зберіганні зброї.

У серпні 2018 року Шевченківський районний суд Києва визначив п’ять присяжних для розгляду справи про вбивство Бузини.

Наразі судовий розгляд справи триває.

Медіарух закликає Зеленського відреагувати на перешкоджання роботі журналістів з боку Мендель

Медіарух «Медіа за усвідомлений вибір» створений у лютому 2019 року

У лікарні Дніпра помер тяжкопоранений боєць

У Дніпрі в обласній клінічній лікарні імені Мечникова помер тяжкопоранений військовослужбовець. Інформацію про це підтвердили в лікарні, повідомляє кореспондент Радіо Свобода.

Медики боролися за життя 24-річного військового понад два тижні.

За інформацією 56-ої окремої мотопіхотної бригади, боєць Володимир Аджавенко зазнав тяжкого кульового поранення в голову 11 вересня в районі Пісків на Донеччині.

За попередніми даними, це була куля снайпера противника.

Боєць був евакуйований до Дніпра авіацією, він перебував на апараті штучної вентиляції легенів.

Володимир Аджавенко уродженець Маріуполя.

Uighur Jailed in China Wins Top European Rights Award

A Uighur scholar imprisoned in China since 2014 was jointly awarded a top European human rights prize on Monday, an accolade likely to draw the ire of Beijing.

Ilham Tohti, 49, is serving a life sentence on charges of separatism for advocating the rights of Uighurs, a Muslim minority in the northwestern Xinjiang region of China.

The Vaclav Havel Human Rights Prize, named after the Czech ex-president, dissident and writer, was awarded by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) to Tohti and the Youth Initiative for Human Rights (YIHR), a group created in 2003 to help foster postwar reconciliation in the Balkans.

Rights groups say the Uighurs have suffered a severe crackdown that has seen millions interned in re-education camps whose existence China denied until recently.

Earlier this month, the prosecutor’s office in Xinjiang said one in five arrests made in China in 2017 took place in the region, even though it represents just two percent of the country’s population.

Beijing had already slammed the PACE last month for nominating Tohti for the Vaclav Havel prize, saying it was effectively “supporting terrorism”.

“Today’s prize honors one person, but it also recognizes a whole population in giving the entire Uighur people a voice,” said Enver Can of the Ilham Tohti Initiative, which received the award on Tohti’s behalf, according to a Twitter post by the PACE.

The YIHR’s prize was accepted by Ivan Djuric of YIHR Serbia, who warned about the growing danger from a resurgence in nationalist parties and policies in a region where ethnic divisions have often flared into violence.

“Don’t play deaf to the sound of war drums from the Balkans… “We’re not strangers, we’re Europeans,” the council tweeted, quoting Djuric.

Liliane Maury Pasquier, president of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, said on Twitter, “In honoring them [both prize winners], we also send a message of hope to the millions of people they represent and for whom they work: human rights have no frontiers.”




Cory Booker Says he Hit his $1.7M Campaign Fundraising Goal

Democratic presidential candidate Cory Booker says he’s hit the $1.7 million fundraising goal he set for his campaign about a week ago, ensuring he has enough money to continue his White House bid.

Booker says on his website he’s “proud of this grassroots team — thank you.”

The New Jersey senator had said on Sept. 21 that if he failed to raise the money by Monday he’d end his 2020 bid. The plea prompted support from politicians including former rival New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand  and former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, who hopped on an all-staff phone call Sunday to encourage Booker’s team.
Booker’s campaign manager said the money would go toward ballot access and hiring staff, among other things.
Booker raised $4.5 million during the second quarter but spent nearly $1 million more than that.



AP-NORC poll: Most Disapprove of Trump on Race Relations

Large majorities of black and Latino Americans think Donald Trump’s actions as president have made things worse for people like them, and about two-thirds of Americans overall disapprove of how he’s handling race relations, according to a new poll conducted by The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research.

About half of all Americans think Trump’s actions have been bad for African Americans, Muslims and women, and slightly more than half say they’ve been bad for Hispanics.

Trump’s 33% approval rating on handling race relations makes that one of his worst issues in recent AP-NORC polls. That stands in stark contrast to his handling of the economy: About half say they approve of his handling of that issue, while views of current economic conditions continue to be rosy amid robust employment numbers and a strong stock market.

Four in 10 Americans said they approve of Trump overall, according to the poll, conducted before the release of a rough transcript of a phone call showing Trump prodded the president of Ukraine to investigate Democratic political rival Joe Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s announcement that she would launch a formal impeachment inquiry.

The poll provides a bleak assessment of how the nation views Trump on race issues as he runs for a second term and repeatedly boasts of his popularity among African Americans and Latinos. Trump has consistently said his economic policies have been good for African Americans and other people of color.

But the poll shows few black Americans think that’s true. Just 4% say they think Trump’s actions have been good for African Americans in general, while 81% think he’s made things worse. Similar shares of black Americans think Trump has been bad for Hispanics, Muslims and women.

“He speaks nothing but hate rhetoric,” said Chris Smith, 38, an African American information technology worker in Columbia, Tennessee, who considers himself independent but leans Democratic. “If the leader of this country is free to speak like that, there’s going to be people who think it’s OK to speak like that.”

“He’s making people live their life in fear,” Smith said.

Trump has drawn widespread condemnation for racist rhetoric throughout his presidency. He’s warned of an “invasion” at the southern border, posted racist tweets about four women of color in Congress and attacked Democratic U.S. Rep. Elijah Cummings’ largely black district as a “rat and rodent infested mess.” He’s showered praise on Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee, a slaveowner who fought to protect the institution of slavery during the U.S. Civil War, and said there were ”very fine people on both sides ” of clashes between white nationalists and counterprotesters. But he has claimed he doesn’t have a “racist bone” in his body.

The poll comes weeks after a suspected gunman, who is white, apparently wrote an anti-Hispanic rant before opening fire in El Paso, Texas, with an AK-47-style rifle on Walmart shoppers, many of them Latino. Some blamed Trump’s rhetoric for inciting the gunman.

Simon Wey, 54, a Nigerian immigrant who lives in Houston and is a registered Republican, said the president’s rhetoric on migrants makes him feel uncomfortable.

“I think some of his immigration policies have been hurtful to countries with large minority populations,” Wey said. “There’s a lot of uncertainty now.”

Sixty-nine percent of Latinos think Trump’s actions have been bad for Hispanics generally, while 19% think they’ve been good. Majorities of Latinos also think Trump’s actions have been bad for African Americans, Muslims and women.

“It’s his attitude. He just has this real cocky way about him,” said Rose Haway, a 62-year-old Hispanic woman who lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico. “It’s what he says in his speeches and the way he’s treated migrant children. I’m appalled.”

Haway also pointed to the Republican president’s rhetoric about his desire to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border as especially hurtful.

Among white Americans, about a third think Trump’s actions have been good for black Americans, women and Hispanics, while about a quarter think they have been good for Muslims. Forty-seven percent think Trump’s actions have been bad for Hispanics, 44% say they’ve been bad for Muslims and 39% say they’ve been bad for women and black Americans.

Shane Chessey, a white Republican from Pittsburgh, lauded Trump’s performance on the economy and thinks critiques of the president as racist or sexist are overblown, even as he acknowledges the president’s language sometimes comes across as “crass.”

“I think he’s trying to bring this country up together,” said Chessey, 54. “Everybody has a fair opportunity to make it in this country.”

Among Republicans, about 6 in 10 say they think Trump has been good for women, Latinos and black Americans. Fewer, 4 in 10, think his actions have been good for Muslims. No more than 2 in 10 Republicans think Trump’s actions have been bad for any of the groups asked about in the poll.

The share of Republicans saying Trump’s actions have been good for each group has increased since an AP-NORC poll conducted in February 2018. In that poll, about half said Trump’s actions had been good for African Americans and women and about 4 in 10 said they’d been good for Latinos, while about 3 in 10 said they’d been good for Muslims.

Large majorities of Democrats think Trump’s actions as president have been bad for black, Hispanic and Muslim Americans and for women.